Horus-Translator font

Horus-Translator font


The Horus-Translator font makes ‘translating’ names and messages into hieroglyphs as simple as typing. Type letters on your keyboard and their hieroglyphic equivalent almost magically appears.

In universal Open Type Font (.otf) format for Mac and PC.




The Horus Translator font 'translates' names from modern lettering (Latin) into hieroglyphic characters. It's as easy as installing the font and typing. The font displays the phonetic hieroglyphic equivalent for typed letters.

Upper case letters appear with modern cue letters - lowercase don't. To see the small cue letters, type with the Shift/Caps key on. Without the Shift key, only hieroglyphs appear. This allows you to 'write' secret messages in hieroglyphs with their translations visible or hidden.

The characters for CH and SH are on the 1 and 2 keys. The male and female characters are on the right [ and left ] bracket keys. The Shift key makes the cue characters appear for these hieroglyphs too.

This font is an update of the Horus Basic font.


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