Horus-Basic font

Horus-Basic font


The Horus Basic font makes ‘translating’ names and messages into hieroglyphs as simple as typing.

In universal Open Type Font (.otf) format for Mac and PC.




Horus Basic is a simple letter-for-letter translation font. It ‘translates’ modern letters (Latin) into their hieroglyphic equivalent. It’s simple to use, just install the font on your Mac or PC computer, select the Horus Basic font and type.

Upper case letters appear with modern cue letters - lowercase don’t. Type with Shift/Caps key on to see the cue letters, without the Shift key to see only hieroglyphs.

The Basic font uses a letter-for-letter translation process where each letter is matched with the closest hieroglyph representing the sound of the typed letter.

Of course it’s more complicated than that; Egyptian hieroglyphs were phonetic–each represented a sound. But unlike letters, the sound of a hieroglyph didn't vary based on the characters that accompanied them. For instance, the broad “a” in ‘father’ is different than the “a” sound in ‘ate’. And ‘ate’ is spelled different than ‘eight’ even though they sound alike. Hieroglyphs are written based on the sound, unlike modern letters which can spell the same sound differently.

To create more accurate phonetic translations, try the Horus Translator font. It contains additional characters for more accurate phonetic translations, as well as determinative characters for names, as well as, numerical characters.


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