Cartouche Sheets

Cartouche Sheets

Use these downloadable cartouche sheets to write a name in hieroglyphs. Great for take home artwork. One print can be cut crosswise into three smaller sheets. It’s a great way to conserve resources in group settings.

1 pp, bw



A royal name written in hieroglyphs and encircled by an oval-shaped rope is called a ‘cartouche’. It’s a french word meaning ‘gun cartridge’.

During Napoleonic times, French troops in Egypt discovered these symbols carved on artifacts. The shapes interspersed with hieroglyphic picture writings reminded them of gun cartridges and the name stuck.

For the Ancient Egyptians, royal names written this way had magical protection, but you don’t have to be royalty to write your name in a cartouche.

Each printed sheet includes three blank cartouches that can be cut apart to make three identical sheets So one print makes three cartouche sheets. It's a good way to conserve resources in a group setting and makes great take home art for class projects.


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