Eye of Horus fractions

Eye of Horus fractions

Eye of Horus Fractions

In addition to being used as a talisman of protection, the Eye of Horus was also the basis for a fraction system used to record volumes, particularly grain and liquids.

Each part of the Eye of Horus represents a different fractional value.


Each fractional value is half of the next largest value. Half of 1 is 1/2, half of 1/2 is 1/4 and so on, until the smallest value of 1/64 is reached.

Fractions are created by combining sections of the Eye of Horus symbol. Each section has a different value. The complete Eye of Horus has a value of 1. In reality the complete Eye of Horus represents 63/64, which is rounded off to 1.

3/8 is created by combining 1/4 (2/8) + 1/8 = 3/8


7/32 is created by combining 1/8 (4/32) + 1/16 (2/32) + 1/32 = 7/32


3/16 is created by combining 1/2 (8/16) + 1/16 = 3/16


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