Egyptian Hieroglyphs


Some phonetic characters represent multiple sounds. These sounds are the phonetic equivalent of two (or more) alphabet characters. These characters are used in place of multiple alphabet characters to streamline writings.


Biliterals are hieroglyphs which represent two alphabet hieroglyphs. The biliteral hieroglyph is the phonetic equivalent of two alphabet hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyph Represents Pronounced
ibis_100h owl_100hplus_100h jar-stand_100h neb
papyrus_100h placenta_100hplus_100hvulture_100h kha
jackrabbit_100h chick_100hplus_100hwater_100h wen
horns_100h chick_100hplus_100hmat_100h wep
herb_100h twisted-flax_100hplus_100hwater_100h hen
basket_100h water_100hplus_100hfoot_100h neb
twine-spool_100h arm-w-hand_100hplus_100hsnake_100h adj


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