Egyptian Numbers

Egyptian Numbers

Egyptian Numbers

Recording commerce was as important in ancient times as it is today. The Egyptians used hieroglyphic characters to record numbers. Hieroglyphic numbers were recorded in multiples of 10 – a base 10 system. We still use a base 10 numbering system today.

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  1. Modern arabic numbers and hieroglyphic numbers are both grouped in multiples of 10.
  2. Hieroglyphic numbers were written by with characters that represented units of 10 … 10, 100, 1,000, etc.
  3. Plurals

    Just like in modern times, the Egyptians had ways to write non-specific quantities like several and many.
  4. Fractions

    Egyptian fractions were based on the same system as hieroglyphic numbers.
  5. Bibliography

    Books as reference for further learning.