The mission of GreatScott.com is to create easy-to-understand, all-age educational materials. The site has served a lot of people since 2001 and helped a generation of 4th and 5th graders with their homework.

My name is Scot Bruaw. I'm not an Egyptologist nor even an Egyptophile. Like the ancient Egyptians, I use graphics and images to tell stories. Unlike the Egyptians, I create marketing and advertising materials for consumer products. It's the Ancient Egyptians’ creative use of icons and graphics as a written language that impresses me.

The Ancient Egyptians were masters of ancient infographics – pictographic images advertised the deeds of those shown. Hieroglyphs fill in the details, like ancient ad copy. Their artwork isn't much different than the ads I create now.

GreatScott.com History

The first hieroglyphic pages were created in 1998 when the internet was still The Wild West – mostly undeveloped and unpopulated. A few digital homesteaders staked claims with their home pages. Shareware was popular. Screens didn't fit in your hand and dial up connections were slow. America Online had yet to introduce the masses to the world wide web and the dot-com bubble hadn't happened yet. Online shopping was a futuristic fantasy.

By trade I am a graphic designer. Back then I saw the coming internet boom as a field needing designers. I got into graphics because I was interested in using graphics to educate. I enjoy creating advertising and marketing, but I sometimes miss educational graphics. Creating an educational website satisfied several creative itches for me and seemed a great way to self-publish.

At the time I was working on an idea for a kitzchy, Egyptian-themed, self promotional design. Because I'm a perfectionist, I thoroughly researched the subject and even had drawings and other art already done before I could admit that the design wasn't going to work. I decided to use what I had learned and the artwork to create an online educational website to teach the basics of hieroglyphic writing.

I posted the first Hieroglyphs pages in 1998 on hosting space provided by my dialup host. I didn't expect much, but the lessons were popular almost immediately. I created the web pages to support teachers with materials for their students, but I found that people of all ages wanted to learn. By 2001, I added additional content and created GreatScott.com.

In 2016 I redesigned the site and updated the content. The site is now cell phone compatible to make it viewable by a new generation of 4th and 5th graders researching reports on their cell phones. The site pays for itself from downloads and the shop. If you like the site, consider making a purchase. 

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