The goal of GreatScott.com is to create all-age educational materials that anyone can understand. I am a graphic designer. I created this site because I like to learn and share what I've learned. This site is a result of my efforts to create easy to understand educational materials.

Most of the educational content on Great Scott is web-based or available as a download, including eBooks, worksheets and computer fonts. Downloads pay for this site. If you appreciate this site, consider purchasing a download to help pay the bills.


  GreatScott.com has matured from the original Egyptian Hieroglyphics pages first created in 1998. Since then, over half million visitors from around the world have visited. The lessons were originally created as an experiment with web design and interactive teaching. From the start, the site was well received. In 1999 I streamlined the site and moved it. As site traffic increased, it became obvious that new content was needed. So in 2001 I moved the site to GreatScott.com and added more downloads.

GreatScott.com uses technology to create and distribute fun, easy-to-use educational materials with the intent of making these materials available at a reasonable cost.




GreatScott.com does not collect or store credit card information. All credit card transactions are handled off-site by PayPal.

"You'll like it or your money back"
If you are disatisfied with a download you purchased, contact me for a refund. No hassles. Be sure to include the name of the purchaser or the PayPal user id when you contact me.

I assume we both feel the same way about spam. I rarely send mass mailings. If I do send a mailing it will be to offer you a discounted or free upgrade to a download you have already purchased from GreatScott.com.

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